Do you have something to say?  Can you help us get the message out?

By Fran Dance, Charlotte County Democrats Communications Committee Chair.

We seek volunteers to help us communicate our message and positions for this critical 2022 election, not only to like-minded Democrats but also moderate Independent and Republican voters who reject Trump’s lies.  We accomplish this through a variety of channels, including our website, our emailed newsletter, social media including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, letters to the editor and press releases to newspapers, television and radio stations. We seek to expand our efforts into English and Spanish radio programming and advertising as well as billboards in the coming year.

If you like to write and express your opinion, we invite writers to address local and state issues.  If you like social media, we seek administrators to post content and ads, admit new members, monitor comments and ensure our dialogue remains accurate and courteous.  If you have website expertise, we invite you to utilize our WordPress platform to edit and post our events and content.  We use Mailchimp to issue our emailed newsletters; you can help select and format the content.  A webmaster support role is also available. Public relations and broadcasting expertise is definitely needed.

Your role and the amount of time and effort you contribute is up to you.  If you would like to learn more about how you can help, please email your interests and contact information to  We will be in touch and then extend an invitation to attend our next meeting via Zoom on Monday January 31st at 10 AM, so that you can meet our team and share your talents, ideas enthusiasm and expertise.

Help us preserve democracy!