Don the Con – King of Opposite World

By Denise Candea, Charlotte Dem writer

While I wish the President a speedy recovery from COVID-19, I am still compelled to write truth to power…..

He was an entitled bully in military high school.  He dodged real military service with phony bone spurs and got into college with fake SAT scores. Funded by his father, he cheated and lied his way into a fortune in real estate.  Along the way, he lived lavishly on other people’s money. He referred to himself as the Donald, mingling with the likes of Jeffrey Epstein and his sex-trafficking girlfriend. He assumed great debt. Then he went bankrupt six times and stiffed his creditors.

Broke, he tried to cheat his siblings out of their father’s inheritance. He’s a wannabe Mafia don, but he disrespects his family as much as he disrespects American families – except for Ivanka of course. He wanted her for VP. Message to Rick Gates – this type of “loyalty” is not an admirable character trait.

As his need for approval, power, and money grew, he morphed into a reality TV star; a playboy, (even if he had to say so himself). A philanderer. And in his own words, a sexual predator. He attracted a certain type of fan; one that identified with his disdain for social norms. Over the years, they came to feel that Trump was like them, only rich and successful. So they feasted on “The Apprentice” and bought lottery tickets. When the ratings fell, he needed attention and money, so he ran for president. 

He tapped into their various grievances: Abortion, gay rights, and affirmative action; condescending experts; popular culture, and a liberal court.  He spoke in favor of the 2nd amendment and church, although neither had ever claimed his attention before.  

They joined those who still believe the economy does better under the GOP. It doesn’t. It hasn’t for 40 years. And those who vote Republican out of habit like my former neighbor who said in 2013: “If the devil himself was a Republican, I’d vote for him.”  It’s as if she were psychic. 

No one, including Trump, thought he would win. Fox News, conservative radio, and social media (including his own daily barrage of tweets) has anesthetized them all to the truth. They have spent the last four years in a fantasy world, with alternative facts. They believe he took a bad economy and made it “great”, and that nobody could have done a better job with the pandemic.

They have now been told the truth about Donald Trump. He was a phony from the day he confused a military school uniform with bravery and to the day he descended an escalator as a fantastically successful businessman ready to drain the DC swamp. To today: 209,000+ dead Americans from COVID-19; a dubious #1 global achievement. Millions out of work. Businesses closing. He has no clue how to improve the economy and now the virus is surging again. He broke America just like everything he has ever touched.  

All his congressional enablers must go. Then perhaps the GOP can resurrect itself and once again become a worthy political opponent. Maybe.  Vote Democratic!