Don’t ban discussion of nation’s prejudice

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Editor’s note:  this letter by a Charlotte Dems member appeared in the Daily Sun on July 22nd. Please support our local newspaper by subscribing to it!

GOP lawmakers are attempting to drag us into a moral panic over a problem that doesn’t exist: critical race theory (CRT).

Their rants alleging there is no racism have succeeded in agitating parents and galvanizing right-wing activists encouraging lawmakers to act. Their aim is to teach that the only history lesson to be tolerated is one that holds racism ended in the past.

Governor DeSantis speaks about the importance of maintaining the integrity of our schools’ academic standards by keeping CRT out of the classroom. Republican lawmakers at the federal level demand that the Education Department end efforts to encourage schools to study the true history of enslavement calling such instruction “propaganda,” “radical,” and “divisive.”

The result is cutting off classroom discussions of the history of racism and racial justice. In the name of preventing “division”, Florida’s law aims to prevent thoughts that might conjure up feelings like guilt and resentment. DeSantis has even threatened teachers who pursue a deeper understanding of racism in this country.

Red state governors are attempting to defend white supremacy as they place white children in the front line of a war they cultivated. This war is against any discussion of racism in the classroom and against expanding student literacy.

We live in a multiracial democracy, and we should demand our legislators oppose all efforts to banish anti-racist thoughts. Only then can we move forward as a nation.

Jane Merriam, Punta Gorda

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