Don’t believe all the lies and falsehoods

The following Letter to the Editor was published in The Daily Sun on Nov 30, 2022.

 Jesus said, “the truth will set you free,” not the lies. Unfortunately, lies are rampant and many people repeat them. Why did so many election-denying/ lying candidates lose in the mid-term elections? Because sane people are tired of lies, hatred, violence, and craziness.

I heard a sermon about “Hyper-Individualism,” which is when people act in an individual way without any regard for others. Because a person “thought” something, it must be right, and therefore it is promulgated like the Gospel. Unfortunately, too many people don’t know how to properly research a topic and blurt out whatever they think or heard … mostly lies. Lies hurt and mislead others. People are dying because of lies repeated on a myriad of subjects. Question what you read and hear.

Misled citizens are angry at certain people because they’ve heard and believed falsehoods. Their anger is misplaced. It is the liars who should be called out. This is why It is important to have educated citizens and allow teachers and professors to teach history and science. Being woke is good, i.e. educated/ awakened/enlightened. Those who probably can’t pronounce those words nastily yell “woke,” which is actually a positive attribute.

So, don’t pontificate about untruths. Don’t get sucked into false “culture wars” issues and falsehoods. Do some self-searching and research and you’ll understand the “truth” and realize that you are not “persecuted” and bad off. Get out in the world and see what you can do to make America good again.

Cindy Scaruffie-Klispie,  Punta Gorda