Teresa Jenkins

Teresa is a political junkie. She grew up on a tobacco farm in Southern Maryland where she learned the value of hard work and that it was Democrats who looked out for rural families and economic opportunities.

She has a BS degree in Business Administration and an MBA and her entire working career was spent with the U.S. federal government in Washington, D.C. primarily with the Defense Department.

Her favorite job, however, was as an executive in the Bill Clinton administration where she oversaw and served as chairperson of the Labor-Management Partnership Council consisting of President Clinton’s cabinet secretaries as well as the Chair of the Federal Labor Relations Authority, President, AFL-CIO, President, National Treasury Employees Union, and President, National Federation of Federal Employees. The Council advised the president on matters involving labor-management relations in the executive branch.

After retirement, she created a consulting company, JenNel Corporation, where she advised and assisted federal agency executives on workforce and strategic planning.

Upon moving to Florida, she saved from demise the Charlotte County League of Women Voters where she served as president and then as director of the Florida League of Women Voters. Her issue areas were Medicaid expansion and voter suppression laws.

Teresa is currently a director of the Friends of the Punta Gorda Library.