DWC Member Celebrates 100th Birthday

The DWC celebrates Hilda Adamczyk’s 100th birthday

Hilda Adamczyk celebrated her 100th birthday at the October 14 meeting of the DWC.  Hilda says that she has been a Democrat “from the time I came out of my mother’s womb.”  She claims Republicans have tried to woo her away at points during her long and rich life, but they were never successful.

Hilda celebrating with DWC and friends at the Metro Diner

The DWC celebrated at the meeting with a cake, decorations and singing.  After the meeting, the celebration moved to the Metro Diner in Port Charlotte.  When the candles on the cake were lighted, everyone in the diner joined in singing the birthday song.

Hilda celebrating with DWC members Jane Merriam (l) and Kay Blue (r).