Seeking Volunteers

Get Off the Sidelines!

Join our Events Team to help put the FUN in functions.

Okay, that might have been a bit lame, but we are serious about getting more visibility for Charlotte County Democrats.
Our all-volunteer team needs more hands on deck to plans events, participate in festivals, street fairs and farmer’s markets, and more.
Are you a party person?  Chances are that you moved to Florida to enjoy our beautiful community.

Join the team that will create fun events to attract new members and enthusiasm to our like-minded community.


Community Events Committee:


Increase community involvement and the visibility of Charlotte County Democrats.  Establish a variety of outreach and awareness activities throughout all of the county.


  • Coordinate events planning calendar to identify opportunities for participation throughout the year.
  • Define budget needs and collaborate with other committees for maximum impact.
  • Host events or activities including house parties in every precinct in Charlotte County.
  • Coordinate event kits to empower volunteers to staff tables or booths at farmer’s markets, street festivals, art shows, conferences, networking events, and more.

Obstacles to Success

  • Failure to plan and/or participate effectively.
  • Poor management and motivation of participants.
  • Lack of coordination with complimentary events.

Resource Needs

  • Volunteers
  • Budget for Banners. Booths, Signage, Printing, Rents, etc.
  • Budget for advertisement in Social Media (Facebook)