Exercise freedoms, cast informed vote

The following Letter to the Editor from CCDEC Chair Patrick Hurley was published in the Charlotte Sun on July 4th


With Independence Day upon us, many of the letters to the editor demonstrate the independence and freedoms we typically celebrate are increasingly replaced by fear and anger, which sadly, are intentionally provoked by craven policies that conflict with the very premise of independent and free people.

From my perspective, caging children, dividing families, coddling ruthless dictators and disparaging our allies simply deteriorate the integrity of the United States of America regardless of any purported policy goals.

Clearly, civil and passionate debate are hallmarks of democracy. Disparate and opposing viewpoints improve communities by forging understanding and compromise for the better good.

Fear-mongering, racial or religious demonization and intolerance of humanity’s diversity are all weaknesses of character that debase our shared values and inflame anxiety. But this anxiety can be alleviated by action. We can learn more, seek out reliable information, digest opposing viewpoints, look inward and be willing to identify with and support people and policy that reflect our values.

Respectfully sharing informed opinions is patriotic action, and letters are a good way to share our views.

However, the single most effective action we can take is to vote.

Voting means making informed decisions, which is why the Charlotte County Democrats are hosting a “Politics in the Park” free event on July 21, 11-3, in Harbor Heights Park.

Come hear from our candidates in person. Then, if you haven’t done so already, register to vote by Monday, July 30, or you will be ineligible to vote in the August primaries.

Patrick Hurley


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