Fear is exploited to make an excuse to murder and to invade nations

The following Letter to the  Editor was published in The Daily Sun on November 29, 2021.

In today’s America if a cop or armed citizen encounters somebody who they claim to fear for some reason, they can get away with killing them because they thought they made a threatening move. This so-called “self defense” works time after time regardless if the victims were unarmed or innocent. It’s the reason the cop got off for shooting Jacob Blake seven times in the back and why Rittenhouse went free after killing two people who were protesting that incident.

Our military invaded a country (Ed:Iraq) due to fear of a future threat from weapons of mass destruction that didn’t exist. Trillions of dollars wasted over there with nothing to show for it but a lot of dead and maimed people and the country in ruins. Now we’re being told to fear Iran and China which will be way more disastrous if our fear results in violent conflict.

Fear would be okay if it merely kept us alert and on guard, but when we kill or invade because we fear something bad may happen, that is fear at its destructive and moral worst. Sadly, that’s the way we’re reacting to fear these days in America. Fear is used to justify all levels of horrible behavior, but most of us don’t seem at all troubled about it.

Michael Hustman, Port Charlotte