Five House Republicans need to switch parties

The following letter to the Editor was published in The Daily Sun on Dec 16, 2023.

The world is looking to us for leadership in the Middle East, in Europe, and everywhere freedom is threatened by fascism. And yet extremist Republicans in the House of Representatives would rather stroke their Trumpian egos and indulge their far right anti-American desires. They load simple must-pass, non-controversial funding bills with extreme items that have no place in those bills. They perform for the cameras instead of legislating for the people. They do not even honor the agreements made by their erstwhile Speaker.

There is one solution that would require courage and independent thought — two qualities sorely lacking on the Republican side of the aisle.

All it would take is five Republicans switching their party affiliation to Democrat. Hakeem Jeffries would be elected Speaker, Ukraine would enjoy the support of a free nation, and a clear course of peace in the Middle East could be advocated by a nation speaking with one voice. Must-pass, non-controversial bills would become law and the government would continue to function like the democracy our founders intended.

These five brave representatives would not have to abandon their moderate conservative values on other issues. But they will have the distinction of saving the country.

James Abraham, Port Charlotte

Image Credits: Min Heo