UPDATE: Parade Postponed – Float is ready. Join us in Pioneer Days Parade.


Parade, including the float, has been postponed Due to Hurricane


by Think Blue — Vote Green!

About three months ago a group of people from West Charlotte County and South Sarasota county came together. Our goal was as always, to increase Democratic turn out in the two counties. This group showed and continues to show, that there is no “I” in team!
The team met and came up with basic plans to present to the Englewood Pioneer Days committee considering the current political make up of the two counties, we were somewhat apprehensive. After a great presentation by the team, we were accepted!


Globe Beach Ball will be added to float. Image provided


Our environmental dolphin float can be accompanied by two additional vehicles, banners, signs, and all the like-minded marchers that we can find! We would appreciate anyone who can find the time to support this great goal to march in the parade too!! We have reached out to The Young Democrats, Environmental Caucuses, and many Democrats in all our counties!

The float is still a work in progress as the team puts on the final touches! The float will be pulled by a Chevy Colorado provided by Bill Buck Chevrolet in Venice.

Carry a banner in Pioneer Day Parade. Image provided.

We have collected various signs to be carried. We have had five banners made to be carried at the parade and purchased candy to pass out, to pass out to children, both young and old! We have purchased two water coolers. We will play patriotic music during the parade. Allied Waste has loaned us two recyclable bins! We will have various handouts including “THINK GREEN-VOTE BLUE!”

The group will gather:
Date: September 2, 2019 ( Labor Day)
Time: 8:00am
Place: Englewood Shopping Center,
200 South Indiana Avenue,
Englewood Fl 34223

Bring comfortable shoes, a full water bottle along with positive enthusiasm! We need everyone to help…walkers and helpers to pass out information, hold signs, and pass out candy, etc.!
With your help and everyone working together, we can work towards our goal of increasing Voter turnout!!