Florida Democratic Party Announces African American Voter Summits Across the State

The Florida Democratic Party has announced a series of African American Voter summits, that will kick-off in Miami this Saturday, August 25. The summits are in partnership with the Democratic Black Caucus of Florida and will feature campaign training, panel discussions featuring candidates and elected officials, and strategy meetings on voter turnout.

The summits are a part of a nearly half a million dollars investment made by the Florida Democratic Party for African American voter turnout. The DBCF and FDP are working together, putting more resources and money into turning out the African American community than ever before.

“There is too much at stake in 2018,” said DBCF Chair Lydia Hudson, “I have worked closely with Chairwoman Terrie Rizzo and Democrats across the state to develop a first-of-its-kind African American outreach plan for Florida. After 2016, the Florida Democratic Party isn’t taking any vote for granted – and this effort shows that.”

The FDP and the DBCF are partnering on six regional African American Vote Summits to train, organize and excite African American voters across the state. The summits are a part of a broader plan to increase excitement and train African American communities.

“This is just the beginning,” said Hudson, “Earning the African American vote must be a constant journey and to do that we must work together. I’m looking forward to using this program to turn out a record number of African American voters in November.”


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  Miami Dade County — August 25, 2018

  Broward County — September 1, 2018

  Hillsborough County — September 22, 2018

  Duval County — September 29, 2018

  Orange County — October 6, 2018

  Panhandle / Northwest Florida — TBA