Florida Democratic Party Chair Manny Diaz addresses Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

“We are watching in horror as Russia carries out an unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, and our hearts and prayers are with the Ukrainian people. Vladimir Putin has blood on his hands. His criminal decision to invade is a direct threat to democracies everywhere, bringing nothing but needless death and destruction to the sovereign country of Ukraine.
“As a Cuban-American, I have personally experienced aggression and oppression coming from the former Soviet Union. We must all continue doing our part to stop this brazen attack on democracy.
“We fully support the severe sanctions that the United States and our allies are imposing on Russia, and all measures to undercut Russian efforts to exert their influence beyond their borders. By cutting off Putin and his wealthy friends and oligarchs from our financial system, we can stand up for democratic values, support the Ukrainian people, and show the world that Russia’s actions have immediate and harsh economic consequences.
“We must all remain united in sending a strong and clear message that war and violence are never the answer and that we stand firmly with the Ukrainian people and against Russian aggression.”