Florida Democratic Party Staffs Up Ahead of 2020

DP Currently Has Largest Field Staff in the Country for a Democratic State Party



Fort Lauderdale, Fl.- The Florida Democratic Party is adding to its staff ahead of the 2020 Primary Elections, announcing Tuesday they are expanding their field staff to be the largest in the country.

“We know that in the past we haven’t invested in voter registration and field efforts early enough, and we are learning from that mistake by continuing to expand our field staff,” said FDP Chair Terrie Rizzo. “We are already seeing the fruits of our labor, and are confident we will continue to with this group of talented, experienced and passionate Democratic Professionals.”

FDP currently has a staff of 91, the largest staff for a Democratic State Party in the country. At this time in 2015, the party only had a staff of 20. The majority of the FDP staff is focused on building the infrastructure needed to set-up the eventual Nominee for success.


Clifton Addison
Coalitions Director
From 2013 to 2015, Clifton served as Chief Legislative Aide to Florida State Senator Geraldine Thompson. He also served as Outreach Director for National Super PAC For Our Future. Before Clifton received his promotion he held the position of Deputy Political Director for FDP, serving in the role since 2017.

Ella Coffee
Deputy Statewide Engagement Director

Ella brings over fifteen years of political experience, including serving as campaign manager for city commission and state house races and as a field organizer/director for city council, mayoral and presidential campaigns. Ella spent eight years with Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections Offices over three administrations. Her responsibilities included being the African-American Liaison, education, recruitment, and training specialist to include voter registration, vote-by-mail sign-ups, training of poll workers and community outreach.

Keith Hardy
Deputy Statewide Engagement Director
Keith is a native of Pensacola and a graduate of the University of West Florida. He has been involved in Democratic politics since 2004, starting out as a volunteer and later working as a staffer for various campaigns. He is being promoted from his position as Community Engagement Director for the Panhandle region.
New Hires in Leadership Staff:

Jocelyn Mund Kelly
Campus Organizing Director
Jocelyn comes to the party after most recently serving as the Tampa Bay Organizing Coach for Organizing Corps 2020. She began working in the field for President Obama in 2012, followed by cycles in DC on Capitol Hill and at the DCCC, and in Florida for two Governor’s races, AFSCME Political Organizing and managing a Pinellas County School Board race.

Wendy Williams
Deputy Director, Party Affairs
Wendy previously served as Chair of the Florida Democratic Party’s Small County Coalition as well as Chair of the Citrus County Democratic Executive Committee. In addition to these volunteer roles, Wendy brings over 15 years of business administration and marketing experience to the Party.

Brendan Bargmann
Deputy Finance Director, North & Central Florida
Brendan, previously a fundraiser for national voter registration nonprofits, has a decade of experience in professional politics. A veteran of campaigns nationwide, he most recently served as Finance Director for a successful Red-to-Blue race in NJ-02.

Luis Zaldivar
Regional Field Director
Luis is a community engagement specialist with 10 years of experience on social interventions for
development and public health programs in Latin America and Northeast Florida. He is a published author on social issues and active in numerous grassroots organizations advocating for environmental justice and immigrant rights.

Adrian Koster
Regional Field Director
Adrian Koster began in Democratic politics at the young age 14, and hasn’t missed volunteering in an election since. He has organized in urban, suburban, and rural communities across the country, including campaigns in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Virginia, New York, Iowa, and Florida, most recently as Field Director for Congresswoman Debbie Mucarsel-Powell.

Alejandro Levy
Regional Field Director
Alejandro is a South Florida native who graduated from the University of Florida. He has worked on local, state and federal campaigns. He most recently worked to train the next generation of Democratic organizers as the Miami coach for Organizing Corps 2020.