Florida DOE Decides Civics isn’t Really Important

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Remember High School Civics Class? I had it Twice in High School (9th Grade Civics and 12th Grade Problems of Democracy). Then again In college (American Government). Florida Legislature passed a law requiring Civil Literacy in 2017 in an effort to ensure the electorate had a passable understanding of how our government works. A good Idea considering the person presently occupying the White House apparently has little to no understanding of our system of government.

The Florida Department of Education last week passed a new rule requiring students need only pass a 100 question multiple-choice test with a “D” grade and they can forgo any college civics. In short apparently civics isn’t really necessary if the republicans want to continue to hoodwink Florida voters.


Florida’s state education officials have made civic literacy a joke