Florida vying to outdo ‘Texas Crazy’

Editor’s note:  the following letter to the editor was published today in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

I’m from Texas. My wife is from Sarasota. Early in the pandemic, the lieutenant governor of Texas declared older folks should be willing to die to preserve a good economy. That gave me the early lead in our debate over which state has the most questionable politicians.

But Lynn was confident Florida would fall to the occasion. Local politicians came to her rescue by ignoring the wishes of the people and approving unregulated growth.

Gov. Ron DeSantis then solidified Florida’s lead by forbidding cruise ships from requiring proof of vaccination and undermining school districts’ attempts to protect children.

Florida’s lead seemed insurmountable when DeSantis dismissed the environmental danger of the former Piney Point fertilizer plant dumping 215 million gallons of wastewater into Tampa Bay.

But Texas never quits. The lieutenant governor blamed African Americans for the rise in COVID cases. And Gov. Greg Abbott cemented the comeback by declaring war on women. He commissioned neighbors to inform on what females might be doing with their bodies.

And before Florida could get back in the game, Texas decided folks could openly carry firearms without a permit or training. Hopefully, shootouts at Little League games can be kept to a minimum.

What can DeSantis come up with next to outdo “Texas Crazy?”

James Medlin, Sarasota