Florida’s abortion law all but rapes women

The following letter to the editor was published in The Daily Sun on March 26, 2022.

The newly minted Florida anti-abortion law is an abomination. While it may not be rape, per se, its effect on women is the same.

The psychology of rapists has been studied for years. Psychological research, of which there is a plethora, concludes that, among other traits, a rapist is someone who is compelled to control, subjugate, and demean the victim, almost always with aggression. The rapist must feel supreme with respect to the victim, taking away the victim’s freedom. The rapist must feel control over the victim’s body. And nothing short of that will suffice.

And Florida’s anti-abortion law (anti-women’s sovereignty over her own body law) fits frighteningly into this mold. Our Florida legislature and governor, with one vote and one swipe of a pen, has aggressively assumed control of women’s bodies in this state. In so doing it subjugates women’s rights to choose how their bodies are managed. And that subjugation demeans them. This bill was passed and signed almost exclusively by white men who have acted superior (supreme) with respect to the women whom they are now controlling.

Yes, Florida, our government in enacting this law has behaved remarkably like a rapist.

Daniel Klein, Port Charlotte