Florida’s Biden recovery remains robust: unemployment is down 6.4% year-over-year since July 2020

Newly released July 2021 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics confirms that Florida’s Biden recovery remains on track. Year over year, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in the state has plunged by 6.4%, moving from 11.5% in July of 2020 to 5.1% for last month. Preliminary, seasonally adjusted data also indicates there were over 68,000 more employed Floridians in July 2021 than in the previous month.

“The Biden Administration’s economic recovery plan is putting our state back to work,” said Florida Democratic Party Spokesman José Dante Parra. “These figures are further proof that Biden’s economic plan is powerfully driving growth in our state and helping people get back on their feet after a difficult year for Florida’s workers and business owners.

“And this despite Marco Rubio, and Ron DeSantis, who opposed Biden’s American Rescue Plan. Rubio not only voted against the plan, he voted against the interests of his constituents. And DeSantis reaches a new low, by trying to take credit for initiatives that became law only thanks to Biden and the Democrats. Let’s be clear, the economy is doing well because of Democratic policies and despite Rubio and DeSantis. The governor even risks an economic regression with his irresponsible handling of the current COVID-19 surge.”

The latest Florida figures are only part of the robust and ongoing national economic recovery fueled by the Biden administration’s pro-growth policies. Since Inauguration Day, there has been historic job growth – the most in any president’s first six months. The average number of new unemployment insurance claims has been cut by more than half, and weekly unemployment claims hit yet another pandemic-era low last week.

The Congressional Budget Office, the International Monetary Fund, the Federal Reserve and the World Bank among others are predicting that this year America will reach the highest levels of growth in nearly four decades.

To see the latest state employment and unemployment report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, please click here.

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