Florida’s Congressional Republicans Help Undermine the Rule of Law in America

FDP Statement on the Release of the Nunes Memo: “Congratulations to Florida’s Congressional Republicans for Helping to Undermine the Rule of Law in America”

Tallahassee, FL. — Today, Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Caroline Rowland released the following statement on the release of the GOP-Nunes memo:

“Florida Republicans are helping to sabotage the Federal Bureau of Investigation, risk our country’s security, and defy the requests of the leaders of our intelligence agencies, including the Trump Justice Department. Florida Republican Congressional members failed to protect Americans, that includes Rep. Tom Rooney, (FL-17), and Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtihen, (FL-27), who sit on the House Intelligence Committee and could have prevented this memo from being released.

“Gubernatorial candidate and Congressman Ron DeSantis has also been one of the most vocal supporters of releasing the memo. Over the past week, DeSantis proudly undermined American law enforcement in a blatantly partisan effort to help Donald Trump. In the process, he has proved that he cares more about defending Donald Trump than standing with the law enforcement officers who protect this country every day. Floridians deserve a governor who will proudly support law enforcement, whether it’s the FBI or our local police officer, not a politician who will happily kowtow to the president.”