Georgia on my mind…and in my actions

From the Georgia Coordinated Campaign! We are still in the time of COVID-19 and appreciate your virtual support.

Phone Banking: We will train you to use our calling platforms and provide real-time support so you can have meaningful conversations with voters throughout the state. Join us here

Relational Organizing: we’ll empower you with our most effective tools and strategies so that you can leverage your own social network to drive voter turnout. Join us here

Digital Community Partners: We’re also looking for volunteers to help us navigate digital spaces and online communities. Our Digital Volunteers will help us amplify our messaging, create content and more! Sign up here

Key Voting Information: 

Here is a recent public poll on Georgia – we are ahead and just need your help in this close effort!

Here’s a billboard idea passed along from the Democratic Women’s Clubs of Florida. If you can donate to this cause please do so and share the information below with those individuals who you think can send some money from your email list.  The goal is to quickly put up billboards along the interstate in Georgia to influence the election with each state contributing enough for a billboard.

Dear Democratic Women (and Men too):

We have created a Political Action Committee to support an action which we believe will bolster the chances of the Democratic men fighting for control of the Senate in the Georgia Run-offs. This action, purchasing billboards, needs the support of Democrats throughout the country.
We thank the Democratic Women of Alachua County Florida, for coming up with this great idea. Those of us in Georgia have been bombarded with requests to help with the Senate Run-offs. One woman from Detroit already sent $500 to help get out the vote. The billboards we are purchasing are something that we can get our arms around.

We would like you to please send the message below to all Democratic women that you know. Our goal is to place billboards all over Georgia warning of America’s loss of Social Security and healthcare if Republicans win the Senate majority.

Our numbers are large, and it should not be difficult to raise these funds quickly if just a handful of women in each state participate fully. Direct all questions to Gail Buckner, Treasurer of the Women Supporting Social Security. Her email is [email protected]. Her phone number is 912- 445-0240.

Write checks to Women SSS and mail to Gail Buckner, 76 Channing Drive, Richmond Hill, GA 31324.
The billboards will be digital and print where appropriate. So please send out the note below to all your friends that you believe will help as soon as possible. People will begin Early Voting on December 14, so time is of essence.

The number of billboards that we purchase will depend on the amount of money that is raised. Should any extra dollars and/or change be left over, we will donate that money to federal Democratic women’s campaigns.

Yours in solidarity, Carlotta Harrell, Chair Gail Buckner, Treasurer Patricia Farley, Women Supporting Social Security