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The following Letter to the Editor was published in The Daily Sun on Oct 27, 2022.

As you prepare to vote in the upcoming election, please use multiple trusted sources to get facts. With so much disinformation around, it’s important to use trustworthy sources.

Inflation is rampant around the world due to Covid’s impact on the supply chain. In America, fuel costs, driven by outrageous oil company profits, are driving up the cost of everything. Windfall profit taxes, just like anti-gouging rules put in place after hurricanes, are a reasonable response. Cutting social programs while allowing billionaires and companies to avoid paying taxes is not a good choice. Pick candidates who will preserve Social Security and Medicare.

We all want to live in a safe place. Violent crimes are rising in states where gun access isn’t properly regulated. Universal background checks for ghost guns and private sales, as well as reinstating the assault weapons ban, are reasonable actions that stem gun violence without violating gun owner rights. We must choose candidates who will keep our children and grandkids safe.

Border security must include the humane treatment of individuals seeking asylum. Keeping families intact, streamlining our immigration process, and making sure we have enough people to fill the jobs in our recovering economy are reasonable responses to a difficult situation. Cruelty and political stunts wasting tax dollars are not.

The League of Women Voters has resources you can use to learn each candidate’s stand on these issues.

Please vote! Midterm election turnout is usually less than 50%. Every vote counts!

Dawn Mann, Port Charlotte

Editor’s note: 

  • Charlotte Dems voting recommendations can be found HERE.
  • Candidate information can be found HERE

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