Thank You For Supporting Charlotte County Democrats

Our local operations are supported by contributions. We receive no funding from the Florida or National Democratic Parties. Volunteers here in Charlotte County work diligently to grow our Democratic party locally with events, promotions, and various outreach efforts. Your donations help us pay for the printing, signage, event materials, and promotional materials. Please help us tap into the pent-up enthusiasm to support Democrats here in Charlotte County.

Join our Blue Ribbon Club

Recurring donations are fuelling our progress!

Join our Blue Ribbon Club with a recurring monthly contribution of $25+ or an annual contribution of $250+. Special events for Blue Ribbon Club Members will be held periodically.

Your support ensures we’ll promote the Charlotte County Democrats, aggressively recruit high quality candidates and unapologetically ask our friends and neighbors to compare our values.

Let’s take this back!

Support our Social Media efforts!

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Online advertising is one of the most cost-effective methods to reach our friends and neighbors. For many, we may be the only information source for Democratic news and issues throughout Charlotte County.

Donate to our Lawn Sign efforts

Support our efforts to turn out the vote!

In previous elections, candidate lawn signs were not easy to get.  For the one campaign they cost $5 per person, and supplies were spotty.  We want to ensure that every voter that proudly displays a sign supporting our presidential nominee can do so.  If we raise enough funds, we’ll certainly help down ballot candidates in the oureach effort too.  While we cannot earmark specific contributions to a specofic promotional product such as a lawn sign, be aware that your contribution is part of a larger effort to get out the vote.  Rest assured, every contribution will go to work to elect candidates that represent Democrats here in Charlotte County!