Blue Ribbon Club

Sustainable Giving Program

Volunteers here in Charlotte County work diligently to grow our Democratic party locally with events, promotions, and various outreach efforts.

Our local operations are supported by contributions from our friends and neighbors.  We receive no direct funding from the State or National Party organizations.


Your donations help us pay for the printing, signage, event and promotional materials.  Please help us tap into the pent-up enthusiasm to support Democrats here in Charlotte County.  The Blue Ribbon Club is our program for sustaining donors who contribute at least $25on a monthly recurring basis, or those twho contribute $250 or more oer year.  We know that the change we seek takes a community of support.

As we are all volunteers that serve the Charlotte County Democrats, we know that change doesn’t come easy, so volunteer time and financial resources are critical to our success.  We are grateful for the ongoing support to our Recurring Monthly Donors.