Gov. DeSantis offers another gift for his Republican friends

Welcome to 2021 and our new Covid-19 vaccination routine.  We stare at our computer screens as we wait in line at the Publix vaccination website, attempting to book a treasured appointment for the vaccine. We call multiple county health departments hoping to register. Our efforts are mostly in vain.  We all know friends and relatives, so desperate, they are willing to drive for hours to get their shots.

These experiences stand in stark contrast to the fortunate residents of Kings Gate gated community in Port Charlotte (and Republican meeting headquarters) who are visited, 3000 vaccine doses in hand, by Governor DeSantis. It appears the special medical condition moving Kings Gate residents to the head of the line is that they are…Republicans.

Wow! Just when you think our mask-eschewing Governor can’t do anything more outrageous, he fools us and stoops to even lower levels.

It is well known that some circumstances, such as age and certain pre-existing conditions, suggest that some people should be vaccinated before the rest of us.  There’s not a person among us who would object to first vaccinating those who are most vulnerable. But for the Governor to pull a stunt by delivering precious vaccine to people who are his political supporters, not particularly in greater need, is beyond appalling.

Wouldn’t it be great if the good people of Kings Gate greeted Governor DeSantis as he entered their neighborhood and politely requested the vaccine be given to those in greatest need? How fitting that would be. We can only wish!