Hatred and division will destroy our great nation

The following Letter to the Editor appeared in the Dec 13, 2021 edition of The Daily Sun.

Sadly, America is not at present the United States of America where for almost 250 years, political differences did not interfere with a unified America, which we are now experiencing. What are the reasons for this divide?

On the left we have more or less liberal thinkers, while on the right there are conservatives who have seemed to have mutated into the extreme. While Democrats succeeded in passing the infrastructure bill which benefits all Americans, only 13 Republicans voted for it, and because they did, they are being vilified for it. Why?

This is a much-needed plan for rebuilding our roads bridges, flood management, clean water, etc. Also passing in the House by Democrats only, the social, climate bill, for parents, seniors, children, and workers of America. It seems conservative Republicans have become anti-Democracy to the point of even supporting the overthrow of our government and constitution!

This kind of extremism has been seen before — Nazi Germany. There is no place for hatred anywhere, especially in our Congress. But they should heed this: Hatred destroys from within those who harbor it. This country was founded by the words: “All men are created equal.” Keeping that in mind, let’s all give an act of kindness to others today!

Marvin D. Myszka, North Port