Help! We’re talking and we can’t give up!

By Penelope Mayer, Charlotte County Democrats Precinct Captain and Coordinating Committee

Whether talking by phone or at the door, canvassing works best when voters who don’t care much about politics engage in authentic, genuine conversations. Research consistently shows these exchanges have sizable impacts.

Starting in January, we’ll be knocking on the doors of Warm Dems, who usually do not vote in midterm elections, to remind them of the importance of making their voices heard and to encourage them to enroll in the vote-by-mail program — a surefire way to increase Dem turn-out for this very critical midterm.

There’s no better New Year’s resolution than the one that resolves to do all you can do to turn Florida Blue in 2022.  And there’s no better way to put that resolve into action than by getting out there and talking to your fellow Democrats about why voting is important and how it’s the only way to save our democracy.

Our goal is to out-knock and knock out the Republicans from office!

Make your resolution now and plan to join us in our efforts. Then tell a friend to tell a friend.

Go online at fill out the “Voter Engagement and Outreach” section or call 941-347-7935 to volunteer now!