I was concerned when Dr. Joseph Ladapo was first introduced by Governor DeSantis as his choice for Florida Surgeon General. Dr. Ladapo supports the ideology of The Frontline Doctors of America. These are doctors from various disciplines who are against vaccines and masks to help stop the spread of the Covid virus. They also endorse unproven treatments for the disease, i.e. hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

The governor’s choice for surgeon general appears to support his personal views on masking in particular. The governor’s statement that “masks do not work” was a shock to hear. (Tell that to health care professionals who have masked to protect themselves and others for decades.)

After reading the article in The Daily Sun dated 1/27/22, about the news conference on Jan. 3, it seems that Dr. Ladapo is a master of doublespeak. His refusal to answer “yes” or “no” regarding his views on the use of vaccines and masks speaks volumes. And, his explanation of his refusal to wear a mask when meeting with a state lawmaker who asked him to wear one due to her existing health issue defies common courtesy.

I wonder if our lawmakers have looked into the background of Dr. Ladapo. I wonder if they will ever refuse to grant what the governor requests. I wonder if politically motivated actions will ever be replaced by a respect for the common good.

Connie Long, North Port