How the Charlotte Sun gets it right… and Wrong

The following letter to the editor written by Charlotte Co. DEC Communications Chair Jim Blue appeared in the Charlotte Sun on Thursday, July 12

Charlotte Democrats riding the wave


My applause for the Sun’s July 4 article on the enthusiasm among Charlotte County Democrats under the leadership of local party Chairman Patrick Hurley. Democrats are rebounding in the national blue wave.

But Gary Dutery’s analysis Friday of the county’s party registrations was far off the mark. The headline “Dems drop to third in Charlotte County” is just plain wrong. Dutery engages in some fuzzy math. He lumps minor party affiliates in with “No Party Affiliate” registration to create a false number and a false narrative.

And Dutery misses the most important point. Any voter registering as “No Party Affiliate” is not allowed to vote in the August party primaries. That means they have no say in important races such as governor, senator or Congressional District 17 until the November General Election.

Those registered as “No Party Affiliate” must change to Democrat or Republican if they want to have a voice in the major party primaries. And they must do it by July 30 to meet the deadline. Democrats want every legal voter to be allowed to cast a ballot but the current system is imposed by state law. Let’s elect Democrats so we can make it fairer.

I urge everyone to attend the Charlotte Democrats “Politics in the Park” event at Harbor Heights Park, Saturday, July 21, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. You can change your registration there.

Jim Blue

(See the Letter to the Editor in the Charlotte Sun)