Hundreds of postcards arriving in Englewood from Indivisibles in Hawaii and California

Editor’s note: Indivisible Englewood issued this news release about a grassroots effort by Indivisible Hawaii and Indivisible San Jose helping change “red” areas turn “blue.”

Englewood FL — Many Englewood voters are finding handwritten postcards in mailboxes this week. The cards, which remind voters how important it is to vote in the November 6th election, are a striking contrast to the slick campaign mailers that are filling mailboxes this month.

Indivisible Hawaii members writing postcards to Englewood.

The cards are a grassroots effort by Indivisible Hawaii and Indivisible San Jose, exemplifying this year’s phenomenon of activists in “blue” areas pitching in to help activists working to change “red” areas — like Englewood.

Englewood Indivisible members have also been writing postcards to local voters, reminding them that it takes a blue wave to turn the red tide. The cards from Indivisible Hawaii note that “In Hawaii, we love our beaches too!”

Altogether, more than 3,000 handwritten postcards are going to both Democrats and independents (voters registered “NPA”)  in the 34223 and 34224 zip codes. Meanwhile, Englewood Indivisible members can be seen around town knocking on voters’ doors, staffing tables with candidate literature and standing on SR 776 with signs comprising the “Ode To Red Tide” and flyers urging voters to “Vote Blue.”

Englewood Indivisible is a nonpartisan group that began in the wake of the 2018 elections and now numbers over 600 members. We work to protect the government programs and democratic institutions we all depend on, to call for action on red tide, and to support efforts to end gun violence. We act frequently to hold our elected officials accountable and are now working to replace unaccountable officials! We work with other Indivisible groups in the area, and where possible, with  Indivisible groups around the country.

Indivisible Hawaii came together shortly after the 2016 elections when progressives in Hawaii were developing into the anti-Trump resistance battling the right wing agenda from a little island in the Pacific.

Our number one goal is to protect the institutions of democracy. Albeit a large problem, we are focusing on the issue of election security here in Hawaii and how that information can help other communities, people and groups identify and improve the security of their elections, from local to national.  We are enthusiastic about working with other indivisible groups in a way which channels the abundance of progressive energy we have here in Hawaii.

Indivisible San Jose members gather to write postcards to voters in Englewood.

Indivisible San Jose is a local chapter of the Indivisible movement and based on the Indivisible guide, Residents in Silicon Valley are invited to join our growing, diverse community of people committed to resisting the corrupt, authoritarian and racist agenda of the current administration. Working together, we contact our Members of Congress via daily action items and in-office visits, defend and embrace progressive values and share thoughts, concerns and positive moments. We know our work is more like a marathon than a sprint and recognize that change takes commitment and time.