UPDATE Sun. 11/12 – Important information heading into Recount

Editor’s Note: Florida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo is offering this information about the prospects of recounts in several races:

UPDATE 11/12 – SUNDAY NIGHT UPDATE: First of all, a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone for the massive work this weekend in getting coverage for the recounts in every county. The recounts are now up & underway in nearly all counties, with the last few starting tomorrow. It has truly been a herculean effort — great work, everyone.

UPDATE 11/10 – Attorneys are needed for every county for the recount. If you know attorneys who are willing to help, please have them sign up at attorneys@floridadems.org, and include the following information:
Name, Phone, & Email
County & City
Link on Linked-in
If willing to travel to other counties 
This will be further explained on the Update Call on Saturday at 12:30PM.

PROCESS GOING FORWARD: Final numbers from the SOEs (County Supervisors of Elections) are due to the state by Saturday at noon. At that point, if candidates are within 0.50% of each other, a machine recount occurs. During this process, undervotes and stray mark rejects are cleared up, generally automatically. (Undervoting is when a “lower” office such as Attorney General get votes but the top offices of governor or senator do not. This is inconsistent with the norm — most people who vote for cabinet races vote for the top of the ticket, so if they are missing, that is called an undervote.)

If after the machine recount the difference is 0.25% or less, a manual recount will take place. (Fried & Nelson, plus the Cruz Senate race in Hillsborough, plus both House races are all within this margin.) That’s when volunteers will be needed & all hands on deck necessary!

Here is a link to the form to volunteer:


FDP Chair Terrie Rizzo

Keep checking CharlotteDems.com for updated information as we receive it from the Florida Democratic Party. Thank you for your interest and your patience! Remember that Democrats only insist that “Every legal vote must be counted.”