It’s time to renew your Vote by Mail ballot application

All mail ballot requests in Florida expired after the November 2022 election – including yours.

You read that right. Due to the 2021 Florida elections law (SB90), all mail ballot requests from before the 2022 election have been canceled – and now, all Floridians who want to vote by mail in 2023-2024 must submit a new vote-by-mail ballot request.

As a result of SB90, Florida voters have to submit new vote-by-mail requests after each midterm and presidential election (each federal general election cycle). This confusing change to the vote-by-mail rules has no purpose other than making it harder for Floridians to make our voices heard at the ballot box. 1 in 3 Florida voters vote by mail – and rural voters, elderly voters, voters with disabilities, and voters who work long hours are particularly at risk of being silenced by changes that make voting by mail more difficult.

If you submit a vote-by-mail ballot request now for 2023 municipal elections, you will also receive a mail ballot for all elections in 2024.

If you want to vote by mail in 2023-2024, here’s how you can re-request your ballot:

 Our Supervisor of Elections has made the online process quick and easy.  Just follow the simple steps below!

3. Click on: Proceed
4. Answer the following questions:
Confirm the entered information and add info below:
Confirm the info  and select “All Elections”
And that’s it. You’re good for the next election cycle!

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