Joe Biden inspires us….Democrats deliver!

By Teresa Jenkins, Charlotte County Democrats Chair, Mar 2, 2022.

Last night, President Joe Biden delivered his first State of the Union address since taking office – defending democracy and putting workers, families, and small business at the center of his plan to build back a better America.

Our nation needed this and our President delivered. President Biden reminded us of our country’s tremendous progress under Democratic leadership. From getting over 200 million Americans vaccinated to adding a record-breaking 6 million jobs into the economy in his first year. Democrats deliver!  

As we transition from Black History Month into Women’s History Month, we recognize that women have been a major driving force in our nation and in our communities. But because Republicans control the Florida legislature, women’s rights are under attack as Tallahassee Republicans tirelessly work to ban abortion in our state. Their goal is to be reelected, even if that means intruding on the most intimate aspects of life or risking a women’s health.

As Republicans divide and conquer, Democrats unite and build.

How do we fight back? By working to get Democratic voters to vote for Democratic candidates this November.

What can you do? First, contact the Charlotte County Supervisor of Elections website to ensure your voter registration is up to date. While you’re there, request your vote by mail ballot. Next, ask your friends to Subscribe to our Newsletter at the bottom right of our website. An informed citizenry can repel the hateful and misogynistic agenda of the GOP.

It’s up to us to elect Democrats who care about workers, families, small businesses, and women.

Thanks for all that you do!