Just say NO to Senator Joe Gruters

Several anti-democratic bills are rushing through the legislature this week and  next.  We need an avalanche of letters or phone calls to stop them in their tracks!  Here are the  the worst offenders:

HB 1/ SB 484 Combating Public Disorder – This bill would arrest anyone affiliated with a protest who becomes  “disorderly.”  This bill is bad because it is not needed, as current laws already provide for treatment of  unlawful protesters and, more importantly, because it would undermine our First Amendment rights of  free speech and right of assembly.

SB 48 Educational Scholarship Programs – This program would grant scholarships to private school students  through vouchers.  School voucher programs divert funds from public schools to unregulated private schools  that do not meet state standards for teacher credentials, facilities, or academics, may offer religious instruction,  and may discriminate against gay or transgender students.

SB 100 Highway Projects– Replaces M-CORES (“Roads to Ruin”) with other toll roads and highways that threaten  Florida’s environment, plants, and wildlife and are unwanted drains on the state budget.  Although less extensive  and invasive than M-CORES, the bill leaves open the possibility of a Northern Turnpike.

HB 7041/SB 90 Vote By Mail (VBM) Restrictions– These companion bills were heavily amended on 3/23.  SB 90 still would require voters to request VBM ballots yearly, but HB grandfathers in current requests through 2022.  SB 90 is amended to eliminate drop boxes, add last four of SSN, voter shall not note party affiliation on outside of VBM ballot envelope, and only immediate family may pick up/drop off VBM ballot.

Please email or call Senator Joe Gruters and urge him to vote NO on these bills.  Include your name and address  in your email or voice mail message.  His contact information is phone (850) 487-5023   and email:   [email protected].  For the house bills, please call or email Rep.  Mike Grant at phone (850) 717-5075 and email:  [email protected].