Key Dates and deadlines for Charlotte County Democrats


The 2020 election is less than a year away. Below are some dates and deadlines voters need to know as the race to the White House ramps up.

Primary Debates 

Democrats are holding 12 primary debates (six in 2019).

November 20 is the fifth Democratic primary debate to he held in Atlanta, GA

December 19 is the sixth Democratic primary debate to be held in Los Angeles, CA

January-April 2020 we will see six more primary debates.


Important 2020 Dates

February 3 marks the Iowa caucus, where Iowans will cast their vote. Republicans use secret ballots, while Democrats stand together in groups to show their support. The results here will winnow the field.

February 11 is the New Hampshire caucus where voters will cast the first round of primary votes in the country, which plays an important role in setting the tone of the contest for the rest of the nation.

February 18 voter registration ends for the Presidential Preference Primary in Florida. This is also the last day that voters can update their party affiliation. We need to continue to remind our friends and neighbors that they need to be registered as a Democrat if they would like to have a say in the selection of our next President. Eligible voters can vote by mail, by early voting or at the polls. (This date is subject to change).

February 29 is the South Carolina Democratic primary. Pay attention to the results, as they will speak to the candidates’ strengths with black voters.

March 3 is “Super Tuesday” a make-or-break primary day on which Texas, California and 11 other states will vote. Super Tuesday accounts for about 40 percent of total delegate allocation.

March 17 is the Presidential Preference Primary in Florida. The primary is part of the nominating process for the presidential election. Voters express their preference for the presidential candidate they would like to represent their party on the General Election ballot in November.

July 13-16 is the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a key battleground state.

July 20 voter registration ends for the Primary Election.

August 24-27 is the Republican National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.

August 18 is the Florida primary for the general election as well as local races plus House and Senate primaries.

September 29 is the first primary debate at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana.

October 5 voter registration ends for the General Election.

October 7 Vice presidential debate, Salt Lake City, Utah.

October 15 Second presidential debate, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

October 22 Third presidential debate, Belmont University, Nashville, Tennessee

November 3 is Election Day


Early Voting Dates

March 2-15 Presidential Preference Primary

August 3-16 Primary Election

October 19-Nov 1 General Election