Legislative Update

The following bills have passed both Chambers of the Florida Legislature and have been signed by the governor.

HB 5 – Ballot Measures – places restrictions on the process for collecting signatures on petitions to amend the Florida constitution.

HB 19 – Prescription Drug Importation Program – allows importation of lower cost prescription drugs.

HB 49 – Incarcerated Women – provides a more dignified and humane environment for incarcerated women.

HB 851 – Human Trafficking – provides for instruction on human trafficking.

SB 168 – Federal Immigration Enforcement – prohibits Sanctuary Cities.

SB 322 – Health Plans – expands the use of short-term, limited-coverage health insurance policies that may not cover pre-existing medical conditions or prevent unaffordable premium increases.

SB 366 – Infectious Disease Elimination Program – authorizes needle exchange programs statewide.

SB 7066 – Ballot Processes – defeats the intention of Amendment 4 to completely restore civil rights of returning citizens.

SB 7068 – Transportation – funds three toll roads through rural Florida that will accelerate urban sprawl.

SB 7070 – K-12 Education – funnels general revenue dollars to private and religious schools thereby reducing general revenue for public schools.

The following bills passed both Chambers of the Florida Legislature and are awaiting the governor’s signature, a veto, or will become law without his signature:

HB 7103 – Community Development Housing – threatens Florida with a proliferation of sprawl.

HB 7125 – Administration of Justice – enacts significant criminal justice reform.

The 2020 Legislative session is scheduled to convene on January 14.