Let’s flip the Senate. Here’s how to get over the finish line!

By Charles Magoffin, Charlotte County Dems Writer

Here’s the landscape; 23 Republican and 12 Democrat seats are up for election. To win control of the Senate (simple majority of 51 to 49), the Democrats would have to hold their 12 and flip 4 of the 23 Republican seats. It seems easy, right?

The bad news is Alabama will likely flip to Republican. So we need 5 seats flipped to get that majority. Now the good news, based on one of the best poll modeling sites available, FiveThirtyEight, 5 races are looking real good, and 1 has a real shot!

Arizona (Mark Kelly), Colorado (John Hickenlooper), and North Carolina (Cal Cunningham) are all looking a lovely shade of BLUE! So I’m going to focus on three that could use an extra kick with your financial support.

Iowa (Theresa Greenfield) and Maine (Sara Gideon) are in tight races but have some real wind at their backs to beat incumbents Joni Ernst and Susan Collins, respectively. Theresa and Sara both have great stories; check them out.

Montana (Steve Bullock) was a popular Governor in a traditionally red state and was briefly a moderate presidential candidate. It’s safe to say he is facing the most substantial headwind of these three as he takes on incumbent Steve Daines. Get to know Steve here.

If we can get these three over the finish line we likely will have FLIPPED SIX. 

ActBlue makes it very easy to donate; here are their direct links.

Theresa Greenfield

Sara Gideon

Steven Bullock

Please pick your candidate and place your bets today. Please dig deep to ensure Joe and Kamala get the Senate they need to take us back to the future; to the America we love and miss.

Image Credits: The Guardian.com