Letter to Charlotte County commissioners regarding face masks

Editor’s note:  Teresa Jenkins, Chair, Charlotte County Democratic Executive Committee sent the following letter to Bill Truex, chair of the  five member Board of Charlotte County Commissioners, on July 17th

Dear Commissioner Truex,

The recent decision by the County Commissioners to not mandate face coverings in public places is a deadly one. Medical professionals say they are concerned hospitals will soon hit a breaking point if the trajectory of ever-growing caseloads doesn’t change. Face masks are a proven way to contain the virus’s spread.

Mask-wearing can give people the confidence to safely go back to work or visit their favorite restaurant or the mall. And if consumers feel confident, they’ll spend money.

With severe outbreaks across the state, medical systems are increasingly showing the strain, with shortages of critically needed personnel, testing and equipment. Why are you not being proactive in your efforts to prevent such a catastrophe from coming to Charlotte County?

Hospitals will be unable to help one another if they are all pressured at the same time with increased numbers of patients. What happens if our hospitals can’t handle a surge?

Masks work, and if your only concern is the economy then mandate the wearing of masks so people can get out to locally owned businesses. Masks are a low-cost alternative to closing public spaces.

Please get the politics out of mask wearing by setting a positive example and use this public health tool for controlling the pandemic in tandem with safeguarding the economy. Growth will slow unless we get this virus under control.


Teresa M. Jenkins

Chair, Charlotte County Democratic Executive Committee