Letter to the Editor: Examine your conscience before voting

CharlotteDems Editor’s Note: The following letter to the editor written by Charlotte Co. DEC Vice Chair Betty Gissendanner was published in the Sun on Sunday, Oct. 28.


Retirees, please vote for a senator who will protect Medicare and Social Security, our stopgap to poverty.

Certainly, you cannot vote for Scott, who is the face of the biggest fine ever assessed for Medicare fraud. He had the opportunity to insure nearly a million employed Floridians but refused. Scott has a record of using health care as a political tool rather than a stop-loss to poverty.

As to DeSantis, more talk without any reference to his record of failures.

He voted 100 percent of the time with his party to dismantle the ACA, including coverage for those with pre-existing medical conditions. A look at his record shows his failure to protect our environment the source of our lucrative tourism business and his failure to provide adequate funding for public education.

We have an opportunity to vote for those who will guard against privatizing Medicare and Social Security; protect access to health care for those with pre-existing medical conditions and advocate for adequate funding for public education and giving the employed a real pay raise.

Check the records. Vote for someone who will bring dignity back in all work and advocate for equitable pay for all school district employees making education an attractive vocation again. Vote for those who will protect our tourism business by bringing science back in providing safe water and clean air not just campaign donors.

Vote for Democrats.

“Yes for Success” — vote “yes.” You do not want the graduates and dropouts from the lower 15 percent of all U.S.

students for needed services, including our military personnel. Voting “yes” is not just about teachers, rather students, families and us.

Betty Gissendanner

Port Charlotte

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