Letter to the Editor: Scott, DeSantis bad for environment

CharlotteDems.com Editor’s note: The following Letter to the Editor by Charlotte Democratic Environmental Caucus member Mary Lundeberg was published in the Charlotte Sun, Saturday, Oct. 27


Red Tide Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis have had a recent environmental conversion during this election year. Can we believe their campaign promises? Not if actions speak louder than words. Examine their records.

Red Tide Rick Scott cut $700 million from the water districts and stopped protecting water quality, which fueled the toxic algae that has decimated Florida’s marine life, our beaches, and the multi-billion-dollar tourist industry of our Gulf coast. In contrast, the Sierra Club endorsed Bill Nelson for Senate, calling him the “Environmental Hero.”

Nelson has been a leader in opposing offshore oil drilling and has voted in favor of the environment 95 percent of the time he has been in the Senate, according to the bi-partisan group, the League of Conservation Voters.

In Congress, Ron DeSantis voted for the environment only 2 percent of the time, according to the League of Conservation voters, and he will continue Red Tide Rick Scott’s pollution policies. DeSantis voted to expand offshore oil drilling. I recommend we vote on candidate’s track records, rather than their sleazy campaign promises.

Gillum will stop the releases of polluted water that fuel Florida’s toxic algae crisis and will stand against plans for offshore oil and gas drilling. The Sierra Club endorsed Andrew Gillum for governor because of his strong track record of environmental protection while mayor of Tallahassee.

If you are tired of red tide persisting because of the pollution that feeds it once it comes inshore, I encourage you to “Think Green and Vote Blue.”

Mary Lundeberg


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