Like his anti-freedom crusade, Ron DeSantis’ TV ad silences an awful lot of voices

Miami, FL – Ron DeSantis has released his first television ad of the cycle, featuring voiceovers of supposed letters written to the Governor. There are many more voices you don’t hear in the ad from Floridians whose freedoms have been stripped by DeSantis during his four years as Governor.

  • DeSantis has vowed to “expand pro-life protections,” with no exceptions for rape, incest, or human trafficking, further restricting women from choosing when and where they start a family
  • DeSantis has fought to overturn Florida’s long-standing constitutional right to privacy
  • DeSantis has used his office to punish businessesorganizations, and even individuals that exercise their First Amendment rights, even when it means a tax increase for Floridians
  • DeSantis was the only Governor in the country who failed to pre-order COVID vaccines for small children, denying parents the freedom to make healthcare decisions for their families
  • DeSantis’ “Don’t Say Gay” law has stripped children and teachers of the freedom to be themselves at school
  • DeSantis has repeatedly failed to condemn his Nazi supporters

Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Kobie Christian said: “There’s a mile-high pile of complaints from Floridians you won’t hear DeSantis read in this ad, including from women who have had their reproductive freedoms stripped, parents who have been denied the choice and freedom to vaccinate their children, and workers wondering why DeSantis hasn’t lifted a finger to address the country’s worst affordable housing crisis. There aren’t enough staged TV ads to cover that record up.”

 Image Credits: Brynn Anderson/Associated Press