Listen to what former Trump loyalists say

The following Letter to the Editor was published in The Daily Sun on Dec 9, 2023.

I get it. It’s difficult to change your mind, admit you were wrong. But, in the face of evidence, it’s the sensible, mature thing to do.

Here is a list of 24 former Trump loyalists, highly placed government and military personnel among them, and some of their comments about him:

  • Mike Pence, “he asked me to put him over my oath to the Constitution;”;
  • Bill Barr, “shouldn’t be anywhere near the oval office;”
  • James Mattis, “he tries to divide us;”
  • Mark Esper, “unfit for office;”
  • Gen Mark Milley, “a wannabe dictator;”;
  • Rex Tillerson, “limited understanding of global events and U.S. history”;
  • Nikki Haley, “he called Jan. 6 a beautiful day;”
  • Chris Christie, “just out for himself;”
  • H.R. McMaster, “ absence of leadership;”
  • John Kelly, “contempt for our democratic institutions, our Constitution and the rule of law;”
  • Mick Mulvaney, “failed at being the President;”
  • Tom Bossert, “undermined American democracy;”
  • Michael Cohen, “Donald’s an idiot;”
  • Ty Cobb, “puts forth claims that are not true;”
  • Sarah Matthews, “unfit to hold office ever again;”
  • Stephanie Grisham, “terrified of him running;”
  • Cassidy Hutchinson, “most grave threat to our democracy.”

Others speaking out against Trump are: John Bolton, Anthony Scaramucci, Betsy DeVos, Elaine Chao, Richard Spencer, Alyssa Farah Griffin and Omarosa Manigault Newman. These people know him, worked with him, worked for him. They know the blustery narcissist for what he is — a danger to the country — and don’t want to see him in power ever again. Why do you?

Barbara Deeble, Port Charlotte