Local environmental Dems go to statewide Environmental Caucus

CCDEF meeting
From left to right:
David Moe, Phyllis Wojcik, John Capece, Janelle Christensen, Mary Lundeberg, Bruce Stephens at a CCDECF meeting.

Nearly half of Charlotte County Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida (CCDECF) membership traveled to Orlando this past weekend to help elect officers for the statewide environmental caucus. Phyllis Wojcik CCDECF president, proudly reports, “We had 10 members go to the Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida (DECF) elections. We have a total of 26 official members that are paid and able to vote”, Phyllis said.

Phyllis is excited for the new statewide leadership that was elected. “They will bring better organization, structure, and direction. The newly elected president, Janelle Christensen, has a contagious enthusiasm and positive ideas to enhance communication”.  John Capece, the former Vice President of the Florida Environmental Caucus, will have the newly formed position of Science Officer.

Along with improved organization and support, Phyllis is looking forward to scientific and technical expertise.

The CCDEC will take a regional approach to issues such as red tide or blue-green algae that cross geographic boundaries.  “Chapters can pool resources and work together”, Phyllis said. The DECF has identified climate change as one of the priorities.

Florida has very sensitive environments that are also the backbone of Florida’s economy. Last year’s devastating bouts of red tide and blue-green algae significantly harmed the tourism industry. Environmental quality played a key role in last year’s election and will in the future.

For more information about Charlotte County Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida, visit the website https://www.facebook.com/DECF.charlottecounty/