Making Florida work for everyone

By Annette Taddeo, Jan 31, 2022

While our governor is auditioning for the voters of Iowa, I’m focused on delivering for Florida and addressing the real issues we’re facing. Unfortunately, the plain truth is that in Tallahassee, if you’re a major corporation or a well-heeled insider–these last few years have been pretty good to you. But for small business owners and hardworking families across the state, these last few years have been rough…and it’s only getting worse. This pandemic isn’t the cause of our problems, but it certainly has exacerbated them. Housing and rental costs and everyday expenses have skyrocketed all while the income for everyday Floridians has stalled. Healthcare costs have skyrocketed so much that many people choose not to seek help when they need it–and Floridians with insurance now face a $2,000 hidden ‘sick tax” for every hospital visit to cover for the one million uninsured Floridians—all because Ron DeSantis refuses to expand Medicaid.

Floridians deserve leaders who actually fight for the real issues facing Floridians instead of made-up culture wars and fear tactics.

My candidacy is all about creating a Florida that works for everyone. A Florida where we expand Medicaid to help those who desperately need healthcare. A Florida where we stop defunding our local public schools and instead pay our teachers a proper salary. A Florida that takes action against record hikes in housing, insurance and rental costs. Make no mistake about it, none of these fights will be easy. Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t back down from a fight. I believe Florida is ready to put behind the politics of division and hate, because what we have in common is bigger than what divides us. Florida, I believe in us!”

Annette Taddeo has represented District 40 (Miami-Dade County) in the Florida Senate since 2017. She is a candidate for the Democratic nomination for Governor.