Marco Rubio has spent years trying to cut Medicare

Florida is home to more seniors benefiting from Medicare than almost any other state in the country. But as Floridians mark the anniversary of Medicare being signed into law, Marco Rubio is doubling down on his years-long efforts to undermine seniors’ health care:

  • While running for president in 2016, Rubio called for privatizing Medicare.
  • After voting for massive tax cuts that overwhelmingly benefited corporations and the wealthy back in 2017, Rubio proposed cutting Social Security and Medicare to help pay for it.
  • When Rick Scott proposed a plan that could lead to Medicare cuts affecting over 4 million Floridians, Marco Rubio refused to disavow it.
  • Just this week, Rubio announced he would oppose new legislation to allow Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices, lowering health care costs for millions of Florida seniors.

“Today’s anniversary is another reminder that Marco Rubio has never had the courage to stand up to protect Florida seniors’ health care. Instead, he’s spent years trying to score political points by backing plans to cut, privatize, and undermine Medicare. The millions of Florida seniors who have spent their lives earning Medicare benefits deserve a senator who will protect their health care, not spend his time looking for ways to cut it,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox.

 Image Credits: Bloomberg Finance