Marco Rubio votes TWICE to jeopardize the economy and cut off funding to vital programs for Floridians 

On September 27th, Marco Rubio voted to put the entire U.S. economy at risk, opposing a bill to prevent a debt default that would cost nearly 6 million jobs and eliminate $15 trillion in household wealth. Rubio also voted against funding for essential government programs Floridians rely on that include hurricane relief, flood insurance, and more.

“Marco Rubio is sending a clear message to Floridians with this vote: scoring political points is more important to him than protecting their finances, jobs, and savings,” said Florida Democratic Party Executive Director Marcus L. Dixon. “Rubio happily voted to grow the national debt and give away tax cuts to corporations and wealthy people that don’t need it. Now when working families across Florida need him, he is passing us the bill to pay for his self-serving political games.”

Rubio’s vote today is another shameful ploy to advance his political agenda that puts Floridians at risk. Rubio previously voted for measures that increased the national debt by trillions of dollars during the Trump administration, and is now refusing to pay the bill for hundreds of billions of dollars in tax cuts for the wealthy he supported in 2017.

On September 30th,  Marco Rubio once again failed to muster the courage to do what was right for Floridians, and instead voted in favor of a government shutdown that would have denied millions of Floridians access to programs they rely on.
“After voting against a bill earlier this week that would keep the economy on the road to recovery and ensure America can pay its bills, Marco Rubio today voted for a disastrous government shutdown,” said Florida Democratic Party Executive Director Marcus L. Dixon. “A shutdown would be a catastrophe for our state, especially during a deadly pandemic. But all Marco Rubio cares about is pushing a self-serving political agenda while hardworking Floridians pay the price for his cowardice.”
If Rubio had his way, a government shutdown would be devastating for Florida:
  • Over 80,000 federal workers across Florida – including TSA and U.S. Customs and Border Protection employees – could lose their paychecks
  • The National Flood Insurance Program would lose its funding during hurricane season
  • Billions of dollars in hurricane relief funds would be blocked
  • National Parks and Preserves – including Everglades National Park – would furlough critical staff and possibly have to close. Businesses that rely on tourism traffic from these parks would take a significant hit.

Image Credits: Bloomberg Finance