Marco Rubio wants to cut Medicare and Social Security

Here are the facts: 

In an interview on Fox News today, Marco Rubio tried to cover up his past support for cutting Medicare and Social Security benefits that millions of Florida seniors worked their entire lives to earn. But Floridians know the truth. Rubio has spent years pushing to weaken these programs providing a secure retirement to nearly one in five people across the state of Florida.

Marco Rubio has long supported plans to undermine and cut Social Security and Medicare: 

  • Rubio supported a 2012 budget plan that aimed to end “Medicare as we know it.”
  • In 2014, Rubio proposed raising the Social Security retirement age.
  • While running for president in 2016, Rubio called for raising the retirement age and privatizing Medicare
  • After voting for massive tax cuts that overwhelmingly benefited corporations and the wealthy back in 2017, Rubio proposed cutting Social Security and Medicare to help pay for it.
  • Rubio’s new paid family leave plan would cut Social Security benefits for any parent who participates.
  • Just recently, Rubio introduced legislation that would prevent Medicare from negotiating lower drug prices for seniors and end the cap on Medicare recipients’ out-of-pocket prescription drug costs.

 Val Demings as your US Senator will protect your vital benefits!  These are NOT entitlements!