Mary Mayhew Will Cause Mayhem to Florida’s Health Care System

With the Florida Senate confirming Governor DeSantis’s disastrous pick for the head of HCA, Florida Republicans have joined Governor DeSantis in promoting partisanship over the health of Florida’s families. In response to the alarming news that ‘Mary Mayhem’ was confirmed, Terrie Rizzo, chair of the Florida Democratic Party issued the following statement:

“Mary Mayhew will cause mayhem to Florida’s health care system.

“With Mayhew at the helm of Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration, Governor DeSantis has put people’s health care at risk. The destruction left in Mayhew’s wake from her time in Maine should have disqualified her to run Florida’s Medicaid program. The Governor and GOP led legislature have taken a stand against the health and safety of Florida families with their support of Mary Mayhew.”

What Florida can look forward to with Mary Mayhew at the helm of AHCA: