Meet and greet Rep. Charlie Crist on Monday July 12th

The Charlotte County Democratic Party is hosting a special virtual (via Zoom) meet-and-greet with U.S. Representative Charlie Crist at 5:30 PM.

A suggested donation to the Charlotte County DEC in the amount of $25 (or more) is required prior to the event using the ActBlue link below:

Donations to the DEC will be used for the development of voter guides, community activism, and voter education in preparation for the critical 2022 election. This is a great opportunity to meet and learn about U.S. Representative Charlie Crist who is running for Florida Governor in 2022.

Candidate Crist will address participants at 5:30 PM on July 12, 2021, just prior to our monthly DEC business meeting.

Remember to separately register for our business meeting from 6 PM to 7 PM, held only virtually this month, by clicking here.

Charlie Crist biography:

U.S. Representative Charlie Crist is honored to represent Florida’s 13th District. The district covers Pinellas County from Clearwater down through St. Pete, where he grew up. Charlie has spent his life’s work serving his fellow Floridians. He was elected to the Florida State Senate in 1992, where he championed environmental protection issues and public education. In 2000, after two terms in the Florida Senate, Charlie continued to push for education funding and better teacher pay as the state’s Education Commissioner. In 2002, he was elected Florida Attorney General, a role through which he fought for consumer protections, civil rights, and opportunities for at-risk youth.

Elected as Florida’s 44th Governor, Charlie furthered his commitment to public education, using federal stimulus funding to save thousands of teachers’ jobs. As a staunch environmental advocate, he also secured a landmark land acquisition to preserve the Florida Everglades, and fought to hold BP accountable after the 2010 oil spill that ravaged Florida’s coastline. He continued to lead efforts to protect civil rights, taking action to automatically restore voting rights of non-violent ex-felons and to extend voting hours across the state for all Floridians.

In Congress, Charlie is committed to working in a nonpartisan manner to create jobs, increase wages, protect our beaches from climate change, honor our military and veterans, and protect the benefits seniors have earned. With his role on the prestigious House Appropriations Committee, he will fight to combat climate change, protect clean air and water, provide for a strong national defense, support our veterans, build better roads and bridges, and strengthen programs designed for those struggling to make ends meet.

Charlie resides in his hometown of St. Petersburg, Florida – “The Sunshine City.”


Now, as Florida faces the urgent task of rebuilding our economy from the pandemic, Charlie is running for Governor to put you back in charge, so you have a governor who works for the people — not the special interests and wealthy donors. Together, we can build a Florida for all Floridians.

His whole career, Charlie has honored the “Golden Rule,” working to build unity rather than fueling division, to restore civility rather than rejecting those who have a different view. Charlie believes that this is a moment for inclusion rather than exclusion, for openness rather than secrecy, for solving our greatest challenges by working together.