Memorial Day Message from the CCDEC Chair


Each year, we celebrate Memorial Day to honor the memories of those who have given their lives in service to our country.

We must support and fight for our veterans every day to make sure they have access to health care, job training, education and every opportunity to succeed. It is absolutely critical that we elect Joe Biden as our next commander in chief, a man who respects and honors our veterans’ service and the sacrifices they and their families make.

In this time of a pandemic crisis, we are reminded that elections matter because every day we witness the failures of our president and our governor to protect us and our communities. Republican leadership has resulted in inadequate and oftentimes dangerous responses to COVID-19.

This Memorial Day we should reflect upon and honor not only our fallen, and the families of those defending our nation and its values, we also must honor and respect the first responders, healthcare workers and those who are essential to our food and service industry, delivery drivers and U.S. Postal Service workers. When our government fails us, we continue to care for each other.

And I reflect upon all of our volunteers who work hard every day to carry out our important work of engaging people to vote for Democrats in November. From the safety of our homes, we are working very hard to help candidates connect with voters through virtual meetings and phone banking to encourage citizens to vote by mail.

I am truly grateful to those who have died while serving in the U.S. military, to those who risk their lives to keep our economy going and to those who volunteer their time to save democracy.


Teresa Jenkins