Message from our Charlotte County Dems Chair, Teresa Jenkins

Only a few weeks remain in this election season. We’re all working hard to elect Democrats, from sign-waving to imploring voters to return their VBM ballots. There are not enough words to describe how amazed and grateful I am for your dedication, generosity and compassion.

We hear rumors about possible election intimidation or sabotage this year. Some say that our state will substitute preferred state electors after election day if the outcome is not to the liking of Republicans. However, no state can directly appoint state electors simply because of disputes as that would violate federal law.

We are warned of militia groups who will gather at the polls to intimidate voters. Remember that Florida is not an open-carry state. If you see anyone with a firearm, take photos to document what you observe and dial 911. While we anticipate no intimidation in our county, we are nonetheless prepared for that possibility.

We are tirelessly working to not only elect Democrats but to keep the voter’s trust. We are watched very carefully in this Republican-dominated county. Everything we do is under scrutiny. For the first time this local Party has ads on billboards and in our local newspaper encouraging voters to vote for Democrats—our name is out there.

To maintain the voters’ trust and our reputation, we must speak with one voice and protect our Party. It’s fine to disagree with any decision that is made and to participate in a robust debate with civil disagreements and opinions.

It’s not fine to make disparaging remarks on social media or elsewhere about anyone, especially about Democrats. That is anything but helpful. While I realize stress levels are high, we must all count to 10 before we speak and when we do so, we speak in a respectful manner.

I understand that uncertainty about this election is stressful and when we add the global pandemic, rumors of trouble at the polls, and social unrest to the mix, the degree of uncertainty in our lives increases. Yet, I hope that all of us have gained some inner satisfaction that our efforts have strengthened this Party and increased its visibility in our community.

As the election crawls closer and closer let us stay focused on the prize and remember that together, we can win this election. Thanks for all that you do!